Green Pyramid Biotech (GPB) is an innovative start-up based on - Food, Agriculture and Bio-Technology, initiated by one of the premium research institutes, the National Chemical Laboratory (Pune) supported by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India

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This is a product bundled with one of the finest blends of nature's ingredients to synergistically wash away the toxins, pesticides, pathogens and micro- organisms present extensively on Fruits and Vegetables. A completely harmless, potable, organic solution for instant washing of Fruits, Vegetables, Pulses, Grains, Cereals and Sprouts that offers visually detectable and scientifically proven results approved by International Certification Boards and Authorities (NABL). All this product does is, it mimics nature! This product is excessively used at home.

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This product is developed to maintain consistency and freshness of Fruits and Vegetables throughout the entire food supply chain, from Farm to Fork in a perfectly safe and organic way. Bioclean helps in removal of not only the widest range of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides that poison the produce, but also pathogens including virus, bacteria, fungus, yeasts, moulds and other micro- organisms that may hamper the life of the produce. Washing of Fruits and Vegetables with Bioclean, reduces their water loss and shrinking resulting in its shelf-life being extended by more than 2X or 3X. The produce will become export ready after washing it with Bioclean. This is a product preferred by farmers, organic growers, retailers and exporters for bulk farm use.

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